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About Howard Tsang

Howard graduated from Academy of Art University in San Francisco with a BFA in Interior Design, and shortly after began working in the design field as part of a design team until he decided to get into the real estate side. His first experience was as a loan officer for the next 4-5 years before leaving because of the mortgage meltdown. From there he delved into other areas such as insurance, and as an account executive for a record management company. It was just a matter of time before he came back into the industry again as a loan officer because in his heart he wanted to help people and felt the real estate industry was where he belonged. He worked for a couple of well-known banks before deciding to branch out and become a Realtor.Since I spent so much of the first part of my career as a designer and space planner, I have a keen eye for space and design. Thanks to my years of training as a loan officer I also understand the financial side of the real estate business, and what is required to get a loan through the process, and know where to head off problems before they occur. Growing up in a family restaurant environment as a kid and working in the kitchen and as a waiter and busboy, have a very strong belief in customer service and providing the best service possible. All these different elements combined makes me a very unique person who can bring a level of service and skill to my client that no other can. As a customer first believer, I truly enjoy working with people and seeing the overwhelming joy that overcomes them when they find or sell their home. Naturally I am a go-getter who will do everything possible to ensure my clients are happy and satisfied. Seldom is my phone ever turned off so I can be reached almost at any time. I am friendly, thoughtful, and courteous to everyone I meet; however, I am not a pushover either, and will be tenacious in negotiating the best offer for my clients!